Talaat Captan

Talaat Captan: Tips to Survive a Long Haul Flight as a Smoker

For heavy smokers, a long haul flight can be a horrifying experience and can often address withdrawal symptoms. Of course, you can bring and keep cigarettes with you but to enjoy one over the flight is a strict no-no- No SMOKING! We all have seen the sign. Quitting smoking will not help you out suddenly and light up is also not possible, so what are the measures one might try to survive a long flight? A long time back, Talaat Captan, had observed this scenario while traveling with his heavy smoker friends, and he actually realized the doldrums that one could face if they are strictly prohibited from their subject-of-desire. Before boarding, there are some international airports that have got smoking rooms or designated zone that are helpful to provide comfort to the smokers. However, once you step inside the flight, there is no turning back and thus, stop your suffer-in-silence, and know these significant steps that will ease you and also lessen your crisis while traveling in a long-haul flight.

Practical steps to follow during flight: There are some Stop Smoking Program introduced by Air Hollywood, you can enroll into that and can learn the tips and tricks to avoid cigarettes for a long time. You can also buy nicotine patch and also, nicotine inhalers, one of the perfect alternatives to go on a long flight. Along with these, there are some practical measures that should be implemented for a more concrete effort, they are

· Avoid alcohol as it promotes your craving to smoke

· Have snacks and mild drinks, in case you like to have cigarettes

· Have a nap

Prepare your reward: We all fly for purpose, be it holidaying or for work, always think about the bright side. Prepare your list of things that you want to enjoy after landing and that will help you to strengthen your determination to avoid smoking.

Stay calm and try to release stress: Majority of the smokers tend to think much about the time that prevents them from smoking. As the time approaches, the individuals get stress and start panicking and thus, don’t think much about these. Also, as it is mentioned earlier, try to locate a smoking zone before boarding, as this will help you a lot. Give yourself plenty of time and get compete rest before theflight. Don’t haste! Again it will motivate your anxiety.

Get yourself distractions: Certainly, while flying you can opt out few things to distract yourself with and that can be anything. You can talk with your co-passengers, read magazines, books, watch movies, you can work on your laptop, even ask one of the stewards to discuss about few things that will help you to score some amount of distraction for yourself. Check out some smoking control products, and in addition to that, you can also, enjoy your favorite novel, crossword, knitting or any passion that drives you from inside and make you forget your inclination to smoke.

With these above mentioned lists, you can easily enjoy your long flight and also, can combat the urge to smoke. You can also participate into Talaat captan Air Hollywood program to deal with long flight without smoking, and enjoy the amazing flight experience.